1. >> Why Buy a Custom Tailored Galactica Uniform?

A) Fit – To wear a Galactica Uniform is to indulge oneself in the knowledge that the perfect Replica Uniform that you are wearing over your body was cut for your individual shape (based on the measurments sent to Galactica Uniforms by you).
B) Customization – Do you want to have a Junior Officer uniform with the correct piping, or do you want to be an Admiral? It is all up to you.

C) Quality – We back our Uniforms, with a 100% guarantee. Every garment is inspected numerous times to ensure you are always satisfied with your clothing.


2. >> I can find a cheaper Colonial Replica Uniform on the Web….why would I buy from you?

That may be true … but do you want a cheap Colonial Replica Uniform that does not fit your body, is the wrong colour, and is not built to last a single professional cleaning, do you?

A Tailored Colonial Replica Uniform provides value in the form of a custom Replica that compliments your unique features. Our Uniforms look good on you because they are crafted in the ways of classical men’s styling. One of our Uniforms will look good on its wearer not only a month after the purchase, but for a lifetime.


3. >> Can I have you measure me?

Galactica Uniforms does not have a team of tailors traveling the country performing measurements. Instead we focus on providing you with enough information so that you can measure yourself accurately and easily. In this way we can focus on the product and keep the costs down.

4. >> Can I really measure myself accurately?

Yes, no doubt about it. By following the detailed instructions in our measurement guide (on the SIZING page) and using a fabric tape measure (WITH THE HELP OF A FRIEND OR PARTNER), you can consistently obtain accurate measurements. In addition, we ask you optional bits of information which allow us to cross-check your submitted measurements. If a red flag pops up, we will contact you.


5. >> Do I have to measure myself?

No, we encourage our clients to have a friend or partner measure them. Having assistance in gathering your measurements can make the process that much faster.


6. >> What if my measurements are wrong?

If you follow the step-by-step measuring instructions and use an accurate tape measure, the chances of this are small. But let’s say you do make a mistake, perhaps you enter your waist as being 32 inches when it is really 42 inches. Well, when we review your information we will immediately see a red flag. Our check measurement for the waist, jean size, would tell us immediately that there is a conflict. In addition, we look at how closely related measurements interact with each other for any anomalies.


7. >> Do you need pictures of me/so much detail?

Let us put it this way ? the more information you give us, the happier you will be with your garment. Although we could build you a garment with only three measurements, it would be nothing better than an off-the-rack cheap knockoff. We ask every question in the measurement collection section for a reason; every measurement and physical attribute question is gathering crucial data.


8. >> Do you create an individual pattern for me?

Yes, every customer has a unique pattern built from their measurements. This is one of the distinguishing features of a made-to-measure Galactica Uniform.


9. >> Is there an extra charge for tall or large men?

No, we do not charge extra for tall or large customers(up to 2xl) Above this size, please contact us.


10. >> What type of confirmation will I receive upon checkout?

Upon a successful purchase, you will be re-directed to Galactica Uniforms “success page”. If you are not re-directed to the success page after your purchase, please contact us to confirm the status of your order.


11. >> When do I pay for my Colonial Replica Uniform?

Because the clothing is custom-made, we process payments immediately.


12. >> What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all Credit Cards via PayPal.


13. >> Can you ship to someplace different than my billing address?

Yes, but for security reasons if we see this on your order we will contact you to confirm you are who you say you are. We are very careful about identity theft and fraud, and take extraordinary steps to prevent this from happening.


14. >> How do you ship? How Long does it take to construct the Uniform & Can I get an update on the status of my Uniform?

When we send the Uniform to you we use EMS as are our standard shipping agent (you will recieve a tracking number and shipments are insured). All packages are sent priority insured on 3 – 7 -day select (depending on your location).

Please allow 10-12 days for the construction of your new uniform plus shipping time.
If you would like an update on the status of your uniform, please contact us and we will provide you with this information


15. >> How do I know I am receiving a quality garment?

Compare our products and see; we provide detailed photographs of our Uniforms for all to inspect and see. You will be hard pressed to find anyone that matches us on our three core competencies: Fit, Convenience, and Quality of Build.


16. >> What if my  Uniform doesn’t fit me to my satisfaction?

Please contact us as soon as you discover your garment does not fit you as you feel it should. We handle every-case individually, and you can rest assured we want to make you happy with your purchase.


17. >> What is the policy on returns?

Upon the initial determination that Galactica Uniforms has made a mistake, we will then make arrangements to have the clothing shipped back to us for correction. We do not offer refunds because of the nature of tailored made clothing.


18. >> I made a mistake in my order….can I change or cancel it?

If you find that you have made a mistake, contact us immediately and we will do everything possible to avert the error from being reflected in your clothing. But once work has begun on your uniform, you can not cancel it. Changes desired after the construction of your uniform will may face charges due to rework that may need be done.


19. >> I would like to know what kind of thread is used ?

We use a cotton thread in areas where there is little tension, a stronger polycotton where seams and stress is expected. We do not use silk as that it is not as strong when it comes to abrasion resistance, when wet it loses 20% of it’s strength (vs. cotton gaining 30%), and once stretched it does not return to it’s original length.


20. >> How much of the construction process is done by hand.

Roughly 80% of the Uniforms construction is done by hand.


21. >>Do you use genuine Galactica buttons?

Yes, we import the buttons used on your uniform from the same company that provided the buttons for the show.


22. >> Are you going to send me a completed Colonial Replica Uniform without sending for a few fittings first?
Right now our business model is not set up so that we can do multiple fittings. But we do a lot of work on the front end to ensure your clothing fits perfectly.


23. >> What about button replacement? If one pops off do I ship it to you or do you send me buttons?

As these are very expensive and genuine buttons, we can send you a new button at cost plus a small shipping and handling fee.


24. >> Does the actual cutter get all this information? How do I know the person I communicated with relays all this information to the people building the Colonial Replica Uniform?

We are a small company that prides itself on great service and communication skills ? the person you speak with on the phone talks directly to our master tailor on every order. Every order is carefully examined, every garment painstakingly designed and drawn out – this is one of our value-adds, a solid stream of communication that ensures the clients desires are not lost in the process.


25. >> Under what conditions do your employees work?

We do not employ anyone or contract any work to organizations that knowingly violate US and international laws.

We do not employ persons under the age of 18.

We care about our people and the companies that support us.

As such, we treat everyone as we would like to be treated.