About Us

Welcome to the only place on the internet where you can finally order and wear your own AFFORDABLE, made to measure colonial uniform.

No need to spend a $1000 or more dollars!

Our uniforms are great replicas in every way, and are tailored to your specific measurements. We are a Canadian owned, Tokyo Based company, and like you, wanting to be able to wear one of the great uniforms from the re-imagined series, but found what was out there lacking.

No longer ! Along with our partners, we have meticulously examined, re-examined the cut, look, accessories and make of the BSG universe uniforms, and now offer these exciting uniforms to you at a very competitive cost.

Not only can you choose your own favourite rank grade of duty uniform, but this uniform will be made to fit you based on the sizes you submit.

We  have taken every care to ensure that the look and style of our replica uniforms is authentic to the show’s design.

From the boot cut, down to the buttons (that we import from the same company that supplied BSG), we know you will be satisfied with your new uniform.